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Pathfinder Club

At The Shepherd’s House, we offer two outstanding “scout-type” Christian clubs for children from 1st-10th grades.

Pathfinders is a great experience for those in grades 5th through 10th. The club offers not only outdoor camping fun but world-wide honor-earning classes in all sorts of different activities. Recently, our Pathfinders earned honors in baking, pine-wood derby cars, physics, and maple sugar processing. A couple times a year, our Pathfinders join lots of other Pathfinder groups for a large camporee here in Wisconsin. Pathfinders also have a wonderful spiritual program which helps prepare each participant for a life of Christian service to his or her community.

Adventurers is a pre-Pathfinder club. They too have lots of activities and can earn honors that are age appropriate. Like Pathfinders, Adventurers have an excellent spiritual development program.

To learn more about either Pathfinders or Adventurers, contact the church office at 715-241-7722. We will be happy to have a club leader contact you concerning involvement in either of these two fine organizations. Club membership is open to those who are looking to have a great time outdoors learning from God’s great second book – nature.

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